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Energy Saving LED Products

We are direct importers of various LED products.

We are direct importers of LED spotlights, LED bike lights, LED light bars, LED strips and many more LED products.

LED lights are the lighting of the future

You can save up to 80% electricity by using LED lights instead of normal incandescent light bulbs.

The LED Strip lights are very popular to use in cars, boats, caravans, model trains, cupboards, sign writing, etc.

This web site is my LED information web site.
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Facts about LED Strips:

  • The code 3528 means that the LED is 3.5mm x 2.8mm in size
  • The code 5050 means that the LED is 5mm x 5mm in size
  • We mainly sell 3528 and 5050 LED strips
  • When you get quotations for LED strips note that there are various density of LEDs on the strip. We mainly sell strips which contains 60 LEDs per meter. You also get with 30 LEDs per meter or even less.
  • Most of our LED strips are about 10mm wide and 3mm high.
  • The LED strips come in 5 meter rolls
  • You can cut it any length after each 3rd LED which is about a 50mm piece
  • LED strips uses 12V DC which makes it ideal for cars, boats, caravans
  • You get the LED strips in various colours like white, warm white, blue, yellow, green, red
  • You get the LED strip in waterproof as well as NON-waterproof
  • Waterproof LED strips is covered by a silicon coating which protects the LEDs and circuit
  • NON-waterproof LED strips are cheaper that the waterproof models and is ideal to use inside a cupboard.
  • the 5050 LED strip is much more expensive than the 3528 but emits double the amount of light.
  • 2x 300mm 3528 LED strips are more than sufficient light for the inside of your 4x4 double cab's canopy
  • LED Strips uses very little power which makes it ideal for battery driven applications like boats, 4x4, camping, etc.
  • 3528 led strip light 60leds/m   uses  300mA per meter and is 3w  per meter
  • 5050 led strip light 60leds/m   uses 720mA per meter and is 9W per meter
  • The LED strip is easy to install, it has double sided tape on the back, thus you just stick it to almost any surface.
  • The LED strip is flexible
  • most LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours


Duwayne - Gordons Bay
I installed the led replacement light in the prado while my wife was driving yesterday haha

wow it is awesome man!

Even used it to reach the garage lights last nite in the dark, just opened the door to activate it and wala the entie triple garage lite up haha.

it is like daylite inside the vehicle.



LED Products we currently stock

LED Motorbike Spotlight

LED Bike Spots

LED Bike Spotlight, 900 lumens.
The LED Bike Spots are powerful and robust.

Various different model bike spots to choose from.

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LED Spotlight for 4x4

LED Spotlights

10 to 80 watt LED spot lights ideal for offroad vehicles

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LED Bar best quality

High Power LED Bars

Powerfull LED bars for trucks or offroad vehicles. Available from 4.8" to 50". Up to 27,000 lumens.

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B22 12volt

12 Volt Bayonet Fitting Globe

Ideal for farm houses that has been converted to 12 volt solar power


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LED Flood light

LED Flood lights

We stock 10 watt, 20 watt and 50 watt LED flood lights. We also has a 20 watt with it's own day/night switch and motion sensor

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LED Strip

LED Strips

LED Strips

Our waterproof LED strips are ideal for light in 4x4's, trailers, caravans and on boats. It is also used in cupboards and for sign writing. The LED strip is flexible and has double sided tape on the back for easy installation. It runs on 12V DC which means that you can run the LED strip directly from the vehicle's battery. The LED strip gives far more light at a fraction of the electricity usage which means that you can run the lights all night without depleting your vehicle's battery. The LED Strips are also available in colours like green which is ideal to use for camping as it does not attract as much insects as white light. All strips are also available in bright white or warm white.

You can buy it in bulk rolls and cut any length you want or you can buy pre-cut lengths. We have two sizes available, 5050 (5mm LED) and 3528 (3mm LED)

Click here to see: how to cut the LED Strips | Used in a canopy

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LED Car Dome light

Car Dome light

Convert your bakkie's dome light to a 15 LED unit within seconds. It is easy to install. Go from 146 Lumens to 350 lumens. Drastically improves the light inside your vehicle while using a fraction of the power. Click here to see how easy it is to install this unit. Can also be order in different colour on request for bulk orders.

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Festoon LED lamp

Festoon Replacement Globe

Many vehicles and boats use this type of globe. The standard tungsten globe is very dim and unreliable. Our LED Festoon has 6x 5050 SMD LEDs. Can also be order in different colour on request for bulk orders.

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LED Module

LED Module

This module is waterproof. The LEDs have been cast in an epoxy which makes it ideal for outdoor and even marine use. These models are also widely used for sign writing.

It contains 3x 5050 LEDs. (5mm LED). Length of light area is 80mm, 7mm thick and 15mm wide

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