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Install a LED Dome Light in your 4x4 or Car

The LED Dome light is much brighter than the conventional thing and it uses far less power. Thus it can run longer without depleting the vehicle's battery.

They are available at http://www.4x4direct.co.za/shop/

In the kit you get a LED light which contains 15x 5mm SMD LEDs. The advantage of the SMD LED is that it emits light at an angle of 120 degrees and not a focused beam like conventional LEDs.

You also get an adapter which replaces the conventional light bulb in your dome light.

I removed the dome light of my vehicle to make the picture taking easier.

Obviously the first thing to do is remove the cover of the dome light. The one in the example is what you will find in the Hilux and all older Toyotas like the Tazz, etc. Just pull the cover at the switch end as indicated at the arrow in the picture below.

Car dome light kit

Now remove the old globe

LED Dome Loght kit

Plug the LED unit into the adapter with the little plug.

LED lights

Put the adaptor in the place of the old globe

LED dome light unit

By using the double sided tape on the back of the LED unit, attach the LED unit to the dome light

Car LED Dome Light

Now replace the plastic cover and you are done.

This modification should not take you longer than 5 minutes.


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